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Invite Dr. Scott Edgett or Dr. Robert Cooper to speak at your next event

What does it take for an organization to Win at New Products? How to achieve organic growth repeatedly and consistently? How to raise the performance bar?

Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper understand these challenges better than anyone. They have inspired and enabled business executives and organizations around the world to create billions of dollars in new wealth through product leadership. Through award-winning research and over three decades of experience working with some of the world's most admired companies, they have unlocked the many mysteries of new product success.

“We invited Edgett and Cooper to speak at numerous corporate events around the world. Their subject-matter expertise, vast experience, engaging speaking style and willingness to be direct made a lasting impression on all of our executives and dramatically 'moved the needle’ on our product development efforts.”

Dick Arra, VP and Chief Technology Officer, ITT

Their widely implemented executive frameworks, methods and business models cut through the complexities of product innovation and provide clear insight and proven guidelines that instill new levels of confidence and success. Introduce your audience to an unparalleled experience. Invite Scott Edgett or Robert Cooper to your next business event.

  • Hear the latest in innovation trends and benchmarks
  • Gain first-hand knowledge and insights into what top performing companies are doing
  • Learn how to accelerate success with fact-based best practice frameworks and methods

Whether you are a business leader trying to empower a management team, an event organizer looking for a dynamic speaker or a product innovation executive organizing an annual innovation symposium, we can customize a topic and presentation that will meet your needs.

Dr. Edgett and Dr. Cooper are sought-after speakers with a solid track record of engaging executive audiences on the critical business topic of product innovation. They consistently receive top ratings and accolades from their audiences.

  • Dynamic Speakers
  • Powerful Presentation
  • Rich Content
  • Unparalleled Case Studies and Examples

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Popular Keynote Topics

Pathways to Profitable Innovation: An Executive Framework
New products are engines for growth and prosperity yet few executive teams take time to understand the true drivers of new product performance. The Innovation Performance Framework® is introduced as an integrative and guiding framework to help management focus on what is important to success: innovation strategy, a solid idea-to-launch process, portfolio management, and the right climate and leadership. Inspire your audience into action and results by introducing this clear and practical framework.

Product Leadership: A Strategy to Innovate
The majority of CEO’s express that product innovation is a top priority. The ever important bridge between companies’ business goals and its product innovation performance is under-utilized but critical - the Product Innovation and Technology Strategy. Engage your audience in understanding how Dr. Edgett and Dr. Cooper can help you accelerate innovation performance and create shareholder value through this highly practical presentation.

Winning at New Products: The Critical Success Factors
The top performing innovators know the critical success factors for winning at new products work. This practical recipe for success was first unraveled by Dr. Edgett and Dr. Cooper through their extensive research. No company with a mandate to grow should be without a thorough understanding of these success factors. Transform attitudes and capabilities and impact organic growth by engaging your audience in this truly inspiring and practical presentation.

The Stage-Gate Innovation System: Your Roadmap to New Product Success
Introduce your audience to the world’s most widely implemented and trusted approach to product innovation, the Stage-Gate Innovation System, with this masterful, unparalleled presentation delivered by the creator himself. Inspire even the toughest critics as countless success stories and real life company examples are shared to illustrate the important impact this process has on new product success.

Portfolio Management: Best Practices for Product Innovation
Done right, portfolio management for product innovation has a high impact - a critical link that ensures your business strategy gets implemented. Rejuvenate your audience’s thinking around this topic by introducing refreshing new ideas and solutions to complex portfolio challenges.

Generating Breakthrough Ideas: Feeding the Innovation Funnel
Creating the organizational capability and climate to stimulate game-changing new ideas is too important to leave to chance. Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s growth and profit! Top performing companies rely on a few, very powerful techniques to stimulate creativity and generate big ideas. Learn what works and what does not. Inspire your audience by engaging them in this thought provoking and inspiring event!

Lean, Rapid and Profitable New Product Development
Winning at new products is not simply about developing products that sell, it is about getting them to market quickly with the lowest cost and the highest return. Experienced innovators looking for that next pivotal improvement to reach a new level of competitive advantage need look no further than this insightful presentation and discussion on leading-edge techniques that truly drive lean, rapid and profitable product development.

Highly Effective Gatekeeping
‘As go the gates, so goes the process’ - this popular phrase, introduced by Dr. Edgett and Dr. Cooper, packs quite a punch. Spoken on behalf of the thousands of innovation leaders and successful Gatekeepers, they declare, ‘if you want to improve your product innovation results, you need look no further than your leadership team - the Gatekeepers’. Equip your audience with world-class examples of just what it takes to be a highly effective Gatekeeper.

Technology Developments
Creating a competitive advantage through the development of new capabilities - new platforms, new technologies and fundamental research - is a high stakes game that plays a critical role in strategic and competitive positioning. Historically, technology developments were synonymous with a mysterious black hole of projects with unpredictable outcomes at best. Today, world-class innovators are engaging their collective management wisdom in these projects to drive them to results. Transform attitudes and understanding in these critical projects with this truly motivating presentation.

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