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Winning at New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation 4th Edition

Authored by: Robert. G. Cooper

Soft Cover.
408 Pages.
Published by Basic Books, 2011.


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  • What distinguishes the Best Innovators from the Worst?
  • How do leading innovators consistently launch successful new products?
  • What new-product projects should my company focus on?

Developing true innovations and bold new products is a challenge in today’s business environment, leading many companies to shift toward smaller, less ambitious innovation attempts. In this book, Dr. Cooper reveals the critical success factors in product innovation and outlines Stage-Gate®, the most widely-used roadmap for successfully launching new products to market. Cooper also brings key insights on picking the right projects, on how top innovators have adapted the Stage-Gate process, and how you can be ‘Winning at New Products’.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Product Innovation

Dr. Cooper returns with this updated and expanded 4th edition, highlighting new research findings and revealing the best practices in product innovation. Cooper illustrates the differences that exist in innovation performance and teaches you the critical success factors your organization can be implementing today to achieve stellar performance.

Discover Stage-Gate - the conceptual and operational map for moving new product projects from idea to launch - and learn how top performing companies have improved and evolved the system. Additionally, learn how to make smart decisions with your product portfolio and the methods and techniques that drive effective resource allocation and yield the right balance and mix of products. New products remain the key to corporate prosperity: learn how to implement these practices and achieve the bold innovations that drive corporate revenues, market shares, and bottom lines.

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A Proven Roadmap for New Product Development Success

Learn what distinguishes winning new products:

  • The latest research findings on why new products fail
  • New-product project success factors that yield big winners
  • Drivers of success that distinguish successful innovators

Develop and implement a ‘winning playbook’ for your organization:

  • The Stage-Gate process: a world-class idea-to-launch product innovation system
  • Critical pre-development activities that dictate new-product success or failure
  • Development and testing actions that achieve a successful product launch

Achieve the right balance and mix of development projects:

  • Strategic portfolio management techniques to translate innovation strategy into reality
  • Resource allocation tools and methods to maximize the value of your product portfolio
  • Gatekeeping best practices to move good projects forward rapidly and effectively

Yield positive innovation results by learning how Stage-Gate has been improved by top innovators:

  • Scalable versions suited for different risk levels, sizes, and types of projects
  • Next-generation Stage-Gate systems for increased efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Tactical approaches to accelerate the Stage-Gate process

Key Topics:

  • The difference in product innovation performance between the Best and Worst firms
  • 14 critical success drivers for successful new products and successful corporate innovation
  • The Stage-Gate Process - a best-practice new product development system
  • Generating breakthrough ideas with an impactful idea management system
  • Key up-front activities that precede the development of your new product
  • Successful implementation of Stage-Gate at your company
  • Screening and picking winning ideas - effective gatekeeping techniques
  • Next-Generation Stage-Gate: how global leaders have evolved the system
  • Eliminating waste to achieve an efficient and lean process
  • Accelerating the idea-to-launch process by introducing flexibility and agility

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Innovation Challenge

  • The Challenge: How to Really Innovate
  • The Solution
  • The Four Innovation Vectors - the Innovation Diamond
  • New Products: The Key to Corporate Prosperity
  • Huge Amounts at Stake
  • Why So Much Innovation Today
  • High Odds of Failure
  • Defining Newness and a “New Product”
  • The Path Forward

Chapter 2: Why New Products Win

  • The Invisible Success Factors
  • Why New Products Fail to Yield the Profits They Should
  • Seven Critical Success Drivers
  • Building the Success Drivers into Your Playbook

Chapter 3: Drivers of Success - Why the Best Innovators Excel

  • Seven Critical Success Drivers for the Business
  • Toward a Stage-Gate New-Product System

Chapter 4: The Stage-Gate® Idea-to-Launch System

  • What is Stage-Gate?
  • Seven Goals of a New-Product Idea-to-Launch System
  • How to Manage Risk
  • A Best-Practice New-Product System
  • An Overview of the Stage-Gate System
  • Debunking the Myths About Stage-Gate - What Stage-Gate Is Not!
  • Built-in Success Drivers

Chapter 5: Next-Generation Stage-Gate® - How Companies Have Evolved and Accelerated the System

  • Global Inputs to Reinvent Stage-Gate
  • Scaled to Suit Different Risk Levels and Types of Projects
  • An Adaptable, Flexible, and Agile Process
  • Efficient, Lean, and No Waste
  • Metrics, Team Accountability, and Continuous Improvement
  • Stage-Gate for “Open Innovation”
  • Life Cycle Management and Stage-Gate
  • Automated Stage-Gate Systems
  • Common Errors in Designing a Next-Generation Stage-Gate System
  • Making It Work

Chapter 6: Discovery - The Quest for Breakthrough Ideas

  • A Shortage of Blockbuster New-Product Ideas
  • Where to Start? A Product Innovation and Technology Strategy
  • Set Up an Idea Capture and Handling System
  • The Sources of the Best Ideas
  • Voice-of-Customer Methods
  • Strategic Methods for Generating Ideas
  • Open Innovation As a Major Source of Ideas
  • Technology Development and Fundamental Research - Changing the Basis of Competition
  • Patent Mapping
  • Getting Great Ideas from Your Own Employees

Chapter 7: The Front-End Work - From Discovery to Development

  • The First Few Plays of the Game
  • On to Stage 1: Scoping
  • On to Stage 2: Build the Business Case
  • Undertake VoC Research: A User Needs-and-Wants Study
  • Do a Competitive Analysis
  • Revisit the Market Analysis - This Time in More Depth
  • Time for a Detailed Technical Investigation
  • Test the Concept with the Customer - Start the Spirals
  • Build in the Spirals
  • Business and Financial Analysis
  • Action Plans
  • On to Stage 3: Development

Chapter 8: Picking the Winners - Investing in the Right Projects

  • It’s Tough to Make the Right Investment Decisions
  • Project Selection Is But One Component of Portfolio Management
  • The Tools to Use for Effective Gates and Portfolio Reviews
  • Maximizing the Value of Your Portfolio
  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Integrating the Governance Elements: Gating, Portfolio Reviews, and Road Maps
  • Data Integrity
  • Popularity and Effectiveness of Portfolio Methods
  • Recommendations for Portfolio Management

Chapter 9: Making the Gates Work - Gates with Teeth

  • Challenges at the Gates
  • Gates with Teeth - Learn to Drown Some Puppies
  • How Effective Gates Work
  • Tips and Hints in Gate Governance
  • Who Are the Gatekeepers?
  • How to Run Gates
  • Ways to Accelerate the Gates
  • Make the Gates Work!

Chapter 10: Development, Testing, and Launch

  • Parallel Actions During Stage 3: Development
  • Seek Customer Input Throughout the Development Stage
  • Shortening Development Times
  • On to Stage 4: Testing and Validation
  • Go for Launch
  • The Final Play - Stage 5: Into the Market

Chapter 11: Implementing Stage-Gate® In Your Business

  • Let’s Go Do It
  • Designing and Implementing Stage-Gate
  • Stage 1: Laying the Foundation, and Innovation Performance Assessment
  • Stage 2: Designing (or Redesigning) Your Stage-Gate System
  • Stage 3: Implementing Stage-Gate - Change Management
  • Sustaining the Implementation Effort - Making It Stick
  • Ten Ways to Fail!
  • Moving Forward

Appendix A: The Benchmarker™ Audit Tool

Appendix B: The Navigator™ Stage-Gate System

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Customer Reviews

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“This is a must read. There’s so much new in this book, from how to generate the breakthrough ideas, picking the winners, and driving them to market successfully.”
—Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

“This book is an invaluable guide to managers for helping them to select the right projects for development, and also for getting them to market. It’s full of best practices, practical methods and real-world illustrations that demonstrate how to succeed at product and service innovation.”
—Dick Arra, Chief Technology Officer, ITT Corporation

“Innovation managers face new challenges regarding globalization, value creation, and focusing on the right innovation fields. This book provides insights into the new approaches and offers very useful guidelines for creating a powerful innovation setting in your organization.”
—Hannes Erler, Vice President, Innovation, Swarovski K.G.

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Dr. Robert Cooper

Dr. Robert G. Cooper is one of the most influential innovation thought leaders in the business world today. He pioneered the original research that led to his many groundbreaking discoveries including the Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process. Now implemented by almost 80% of North American companies, it is considered to be one of the most important discoveries in the field of innovation management. He has spent more than 30 years studying the practices and pitfalls of 3,000+ new product projects in hundreds of companies and has assembled the world's most comprehensive research on the topic. His presentations and practical consulting advice have been widely applauded by corporate and business event audiences throughout the world making him one of the most sought-after speakers.

A prolific author, he has published more than 100 academic articles and eleven books, including the best selling Winning at New Products, 3rd Edition. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Crawford Fellow from the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and the Maurice Holland Award from the Industrial Research Institute (IRI). Dr. Cooper is a Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Technology Management at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, USA.

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