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October 18, 2014
Scott Edgett Delivers a Keynote Presentation at the Innovation for Financial Services Conference

September 25, 2014
New Research Report Examines Key Drivers of Product Innovation Capability

August 8, 2014
Scott Edgett Tours Colombia to Share Approaches for Driving Successful Product Innovation with Local Executives

March 31, 2014
Scott Edgett Will Share Best Practices for Accelerating Corporate Innovation at the Business Innovation Summit 2014

February 26, 2014
Scott Edgett Delivers the Latest Findings from a Benchmarking Study on the Four Drivers of Innovation Capability at the Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit 2014

November 21, 2013
Dr. Edgett Keynotes at Connect Bogotá Conference

October 10, 2013
Dr. Scott J. Edgett Presents on Creating Innovation Value at the "Street Smart Innovation" Summit event

July 17, 2013
Product Innovation Experts Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper Nominated for 2013 Maurice Holland Award

April 18, 2013
Product Innovation Expert Scott Edgett Highlights a Key Reason for New Product Failures

April 12, 2013
Dr. Scott J. Edgett Discusses Key Drivers of Innovation Performance at the "Innovate Carolina" event

Februrary 15, 2013
Innovation Scholar Dr. Robert G. Cooper Featured in the Third Edition of the PDMA Handbook of New Product Development

Februrary 15, 2013
Dr. Scott. J. Edgett Highlights Portfolio Management for New Products in the Third Edition of the PDMA Handbook of New Product Development

December 10, 2012
Scott Edgett talks Product Development in Marketing Magazine

October 31, 2012
Innovation Expert Scott Edgett Explains Breakthrough Ideas in Marketing Magazine

July 31, 2012
Dr. Scott J. Edgett to Deliver Breakthrough Results of Collaborative Food Industry Benchmarking Study at the New Products Conference

July 24, 2012
IFMA and Stage-Gate International Define Winning in Foodservice Innovation

May 10, 2012
World-Renowned Innovation Expert, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Visits Europe to Deliver Product Innovation Training Seminars

May 1, 2012
Stage-Gate International announces Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit 2013

February 28, 2012
Scott Edgett Delivers Latest Findings from Food Industry Benchmarking Study at COEX 2012 Event Hosted by International Foodservices Management Association (IFMA) in Las Vegas, NV

November 17 , 2011
Cooper & Edgett publications now available as eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle eReader

November 7 , 2011
Stage-Gate International Conveys Importance of Innovation and New Products in Foodservice to Industry Leaders at IFMA President’s Conference

November 2 , 2011
International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) Begins Phase 2 of the Center Of Innovation Excellence: Expanded Founding Member Committee Fuels Benchmarking Work

June 13, 2011
World's Top Innovation Expert Uncovers Newest Drivers of Product Innovation Success

June 2, 2011
Robert Cooper Offers University Researchers, Technology Developers and Industry Leaders a Roadmap to Commercialization Success at 2011 McMaster Innovation Showcase

May 18, 2011
Dr. Robert Cooper Advises Focusing on Making Product Innovation Process Leaner in a Recent Interview

April 13, 2011
Robert Cooper to Deliver Keynote Address at GreenCentre Canada’s Sustainable Chemistry Summit - September 16 - 18, 2011 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

March 5, 2011
World Renowned Innovation Expert, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Visits Australia to Lead Product Innovation Training Seminars

December 1 , 2010
Robert Cooper to Deliver Keynote Address at COEX Event Hosted by International Foodservices Management Association (IFMA) - February 27 - March 2, 2011 in Orlando, FL

June 24, 2010
Case Studies from Leading Companies, Selected by World's Top Innovation Management Scholars, to be Presented at the Annual Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit

May 20, 2010
World’s Top Innovation Management Scholar, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Currently Visiting Europe

April 9, 2010
World Renowned Innovation Expert, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, states that ‘true innovation is the key to success’ in a recent interview

March 14, 2010
World Renowned Innovation Expert, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Advises Companies to ‘Innovate or Die’ in a Televised Interview

February 28, 2010
R&D Ideas for Small Businesses

January 13, 2010
Innovation Management World Authority, Robert G. Cooper, named CHAMPS Lecturer of the Year 2009

December 14, 2009
Recent Survey by Stage-Gate International Reveals the Top Innovation Priorities for 2010

November 17, 2009
Top Innovation Management Scholars, Dr. Robert G. Cooper and Dr. Scott J. Edgett, will Keynote at the 4th Annual Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit

October 15, 2009
Dr. Robert Cooper and Dr. Scott Edgett Author New Book, Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

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