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"How to Make Innovation a Reality" Conference Sponsored by Connect Bogotá Features Dr. Scott J. Edgett as a Keynote Speaker

ANCASTER, ONTARIO, CANADA (Nov 21, 2013) - Connect Bogotá sponsored a sold-out innovation day event entitled “How to Make Innovation a Reality”. It was a huge success as many local companies are striving to improve their innovation capabilities.

Dr. Scott Edgett delivered a keynote to a standing room only audience that addressed how companies need to be able to excel at four key themes to achieve product innovation excellence.

“Although having a good idea-to-launch process (or as it is commonly called, a Stage-Gate® process) is important, successful organizations also ensure that they have aligned their innovation strategy and portfolio management approaches to support innovation”, Dr. Edgett explained. “A fast growing company needs to ensure that it is placing its bets on innovation correctly and that it has the resources and people available to support the initiatives it undertakes. Innovation is one of the hardest things a company can undertake because an idea touches many different parts of the organization as it moves from start to finish. It is also one of the most rewarding activities when it is done right.”

In his speech, Dr. Edgett also focused on best practices to implement Stage-Gate to ensure successful adoption of the Innovation Performance Framework™, and achievement of superior new product performance.

For more information and to invite Dr. Scott Edgett to speak at your next event, please contact:

Mark Camstra
VP, Global Consulting,
Stage-Gate International

About Scott J. Edgett

Scott J. Edgett is Chief Executive Officer at Stage-Gate International and is internationally recognized as one of the world's top experts in product innovation. A high-profile speaker, sought-after consultant, and executive advisor, he is the pioneer of the critical practice of new product portfolio management, and principally focuses on issues affecting product innovation leadership and capability. Consulting and advising some of the world's best innovators and companies among the Fortune 1000, he has extensive experience working with large multi-national clients in a variety of industries. He is credited with helping business executives and product innovation professionals successfully implement world-class product innovation processes that have generated outstanding performance results.

A co-author of eight books, including the popular 'Product Innovation & Technology Strategy', and a published author of 60+ academic articles, Dr. Edgett is a former professor at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and is a Faculty Scholar at the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at Penn State University.

About Stage-Gate International

Stage-Gate International’s mandate is to enable organizations to improve their product innovation capabilities.  Our international team of Product Innovation Experts and Consultants are mentored by Dr. Cooper and Dr. Edgett and understand the complex challenges organizations face. We help companies achieve product innovation success through our world-class products and services. 

Stage-Gate International leverages the world's most comprehensive research into best practices in Product Innovation. This research has led to some of the most important discoveries in the innovation field; such as, Stage-Gate®, the NewProd™ Studies, Portfolio Management for New Products and the Innovation Performance Framework™.

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