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Dr. Robert Cooper and Dr. Scott Edgett Author New Book, Product Innovation and Technology Strategy

ANCASTER, ONTARIO, CANADA - October 15, 2009 - In difficult times companies shift focus to strategic planning and portfolio reviews, as both activities are proven to drive better performance results. A product innovation strategy provides focus and guides the business’s product development and steers resource allocation, investment decisions and project selection. The objective of your product innovation strategy is to tie your product development effort tightly to your overall business strategy.

Dr. Cooper and Dr. Edgett’s latest book is a step-by-step guide to developing and implementing an effective product innovation strategy into your organization and is a must read for executives and senior managers who have a mandate to impact business performance through product innovation. This book provides rich examples and illustrations with emphasis on:

  • Uncovering the essential elements of a product innovation strategy and their impact
  • Creating an Executive Framework to develop your Product Innovation and Technology Strategy and Roadmaps 
  • Discovering the critical link between portfolio management and your innovation strategy
  • Achieving high impact results by prioritizing projects with the greatest strategic alignment

Real breakthroughs occur when the leadership team begins a rigorous strategic planning process that leads to clearly defined goals, objectives, strategies and measures. Find out how Cooper and Edgett’s newest book, Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, can help you create the path to marketplace dominance.

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About the Authors

Dr. Robert G. Cooper and Dr. Scott J. Edgett are recognized as the world’s foremost experts in the ever important field of product innovation. The creators of the world’s most widely implemented innovation process, Stage-Gate®, their best practices research and resulting methodologies have led to some of the most important discoveries in product innovation today. They were the first to pinpoint what discriminates the winning products from losing products, to build the most accurate product success predictive tool, and the first to introduce the concept of portfolio management for new products. Their collective works are considered to have achieved the most powerful impact on performance in product innovation today. Visit Stage-Gate International at for more on how to improve your approach to new product development.

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Product Development Institute

Product Development Institute is dedicated to helping companies improve their approach to new product development and portfolio management. The Institute has conducted some of the world's most comprehensive research and best practices in new product development - research that has led to some of the most important discoveries in product innovation such as: the widely used Stage-Gate® system; the concept of New Product Portfolio Management; and the Innovation Diamond™ Framework.

With over sixty years of research and professional advisory experience combined, co-founders Dr. Robert G. Cooper and Dr. Scott J. Edgett are globally recognized as leaders in the area of new product development and new product portfolio management. They have been published more than 200 times and have written eleven books; creating a wide body of research knowledge. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Edgett have worked with 1,000+ companies including many of the Global 1000. They have compiled the largest body of knowledge on product innovation best-practices in the world.

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