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R&D Ideas for Small Businesses

ANCASTER, ONTARIO (February 28, 2010) - In a recent article published by the Toronto Star, Dr. Scott Edgett CEO of Stage-Gate International claimed "spending on research and development in a recession can be a Catch-22 for many small businesses. His advice “…the real trick to success is being able to focus companies’ scarce resources on the right projects to enjoy a competitive edge when the economy rebounds.”

His latest book, Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, is a practical solution to help companies focus better. It is a step-by-step guide to developing and implementing an effective product innovation strategy and a must read for executives who need to impact business performance through product innovation. To order a copy of Product Innovation and Technology Strategy, please visit

Companies that invest in product innovation in hard times gain a competitive edge for future growth. To innovate in hard times doesn’t mean spending money; innovation often involves redeploying existing resources by allocating scare resources to new research and development and seeking auxiliary markets to enter.

To help small business leaders innovate, the most important factors in creating a successful and innovative company are: having a clearly defined and communicated business strategy, making the right investments decisions and having the right climate, culture and leadership - perhaps the most difficult to achieve. 

About the Authors

Dr. Robert G. Cooper and Dr. Scott J. Edgett are recognized as the world’s foremost experts in the ever important field of product innovation. The creators of the world’s most widely implemented innovation process, Stage-Gate®, their best practices research and resulting methodologies have led to some of the most important discoveries in product innovation today. They were the first to pinpoint what discriminates the winning products from losing products, to build the most accurate product success predictive tool, and the first to introduce the concept of portfolio management for new products. Their collective works are considered to have achieved the most powerful impact on performance in product innovation today. Visit Stage-Gate International at for more on how to improve your approach to new product development.

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